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It would be great if the notion that one man in a truck calling himself a "handyman" could be an expert in carpentry, plumbing, heating, cooling, remodeling, masonry, and electrical. The fact is that it simply isn't realistic.  At we are unquestionably qualified to perform the scope of work at hand.

In today's frantic, fast paced world, it's important to know that there is a company you can count on to take care of, what is for most people their largest and most valuable asset, your home. A house is more than a place to sleep, it is an escape from life's everyday stresses and a place where your family can grow and thrive.

As such, it is comforting to know that there is a company prepared to help you manage all the maintenance and repairs that will eventually be needed. Like your doctor 518 Handyman will keep your house in good working order through every season. From the first call to the final bill 518 Handyman will make sure you are satisfied. 518 Handyman - Healthcare for your home.


Opening Hours:
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


6049 Fishhouse Rd
Galway NY 12074

About Us


In an industry known for not delivering, we deliver! As part of the Galway Co-op family, 518 Handyman is all about higher standards and better results. We do this by providing prompt service, professional craftsmen, and guaranteed work. Feel free to give us a call to help you with designing your next project as well as identifying the source of any problems you are having with your home or business. 

Unlike many of our competitors, the craftsmen that come to your home are 518 Handyman employees and work exclusively for us. It’s our people that really make the difference. With a team of experienced professionals on staff, we assign the best craftsman for the task at hand and can get to your project quickly. You can feel confident when our craftsman is on your job. He not only has the skills to do the work, but is also trustworthy and reliable. We do background checks on all employees and are fully insured.

518 Handyman was founded by the Galway Co-op to fill a need in the marketplace. Galway Co-op saw the need for professional handymen that not only provided the skills to get the work done, but provided the professional service that is frequently missing in this field. 

Our Services


​- Carpentry 

- Heating & Cooling

- Masonry 

- Plumbing

- Remodeling

- Electrical 

- Repairs 

- Pressure Washing 


- Handicap Accommodations


- Window & Door Installations


- Junk Removal


- Septic Tank Design & Installation


- Fuel Oil Tank Removal & Disposal


- Generator Installation & Service


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