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Glenn T. & Rachel P. - Galway, NY

Exceptional Customer Service and Quality Work

My husband and I were at a loss when it came time to find a contractor we could trust to do professional work in regards to multiple issues with our house—including drywall repair due to leaks around our freestanding fireplace, attic venting, and electrical outlet installation in our garage.  We’d used several services from Galway Co-op in prior years and saw their online advertisement for 518 Handyman. From our first call until the final day of repairs, we were nothing less than pleased we’d signed them on.  Customer service—reception to the office manager—was friendly, and we utilized the offered email option to send contract information.  If we had questions, they were promptly answered with actual information—seems odd to say but so important when having contract work done.  The estimate was priced but the cost was deducted from our final bill.  On the first day of the job, we met the Co-op’s new project manager, and he gave a more detailed look around.  The new project manager is wonderfully personable, extremely knowledgeable of his craft and thorough.  He walked me through each project, giving a laymen’s description (and more technical when asked) of how he would repair the issue and why.  We ended up needing masonry work for the repairs, and the person brought on for that task was phenomenal.  Also personable and highly skilled at his craft.  Our chimney had literally crumbled up rooftop when one repair had begun, and his work easily blended into the existing structure.  It was unexpected set back that the workers seamlessly tackled, offering an immediate and reasonable estimate for cost of repair/labor.  They were punctual and efficient and completed each repair professionally, cleaning their work area after.  Cost-wise, 518 Handyman offers excellent prices for both estimates and work.  Home repair isn’t cheap, and we tend to be skeptical of low-ball pricing.   The Co-op keeps their prices reasonable and for us was perfectly set for the quality of work we received.  Without a doubt, we will sign on with them again for repairs and renovations, especially considering the level of expertise! Highly recommend the services of 518 Handyman. 



After one of the worst storms I have ever seen, fallen trees demolished my deck. Broken floor boards, bannisters, all of it... pretty much splintered pieces good for nothing but firewood. I called 518 Handyman and explained what happened and how with the warmer weather on the way, my family used our deck almost daily for dinners, get-togethers with friends and families and how based on the damage done, it didn't look likely that we would get to do those things this year. They were so professional and kind, from estimate to project completion, providing us with a deck that was even nicer than our old one. Thank you 518 Handyman!


We needed our bathroom redone as the tiles from the floor were coming up piece by piece, and the shower was in a sad state. My friends had told me about their great experiences with the folks over at 518 Handyman, so I gave them a call. In less than a month they had completely renovated our bathroom and it looks great! Can't recommend them enough!


It was time for a refresh to the front of our home... Shutters, doors, the works. 518 Handyman came out and gave us an estimate on the spot and within two weeks we had brand new shutters and a beautiful new front door. Their professionalism and attention to detail would definitely make me recommend them to anyone in the market for some home repairs.


My handicapped mother recently moved into our home, and for her to get in and out of the house was always problematic for her since she can't handle stairs anymore. My neighbors recommended 518 Handyman since they had a similar situation handled by them recently. I gave them a call and they went over what they thought were the best options for us. A week later we had a beautiful ramp built as an extension to our front porch, which has made it so much easier for my mother to get in and out of the house! Thank you so much!


I woke up one morning to a huge puddle of water and plaster all over my dining room floor. Apparently our roof was so old that after the rains we had the week before, instead of flowing to the gutters, it flowed straight down into my house! The great guys over at 518 Handyman came out a day later, evaluated that damage, gave me their recommendations and an estimate and within a week we had a brand new roof... just in time for the next week of rain we had! Thank you all so much!

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